The freezing temperatures and snowstorms of winter can have a major impact on your swimming pool. Even if you properly closed your pool before winter hit, you need to be careful when you reopen it to prevent unnecessary damage. The team at Splash Swimming Pools, Inc., will help you take the proper steps with our pool opening services in Hamilton, OH.

Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

As the warm season approaches, you'll eventually find yourself excited to reopen your pool. However, a swimming pool opening requires more than simply removing the pool cover. You may need to refill the pool, clean the water, and check the pumps and filters. Our experts will take care of these tasks for you so that you can swim with confidence.

Don't wait too long to open your pool because the warm weather can cause various issues. For example, mesh safety covers have small holes that allow enough light to pass through the covers to encourage algae growth, so call us right away to avoid algae problems in your pool. In addition, sand filters need to run for a long time to clean up a pool, so you'll want to get started right away if you have one of these filters.

Catch Repairs and Maintenance Early

In our opening service, we include a variety of preventative maintenance tasks to make sure your pool is ready to be used again. After many months of disuse, pumps and filters can break down. Repairs are almost always cheaper if you catch them before you start up the pool, so call us out to take a look at your pool.

While cleanings and repairs are not included in our pool opening service, we can inform you of what your pool needs and plan for repairs and other services as needed.

The best way to care for your pool is to open it properly at the beginning of the season. Call us at (513) 464-0181 to schedule your pool opening. 

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