Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

As the winter ends we look forward to warmer weather and the pool opening. The winter can be harsh and you have to wonder if the pool will start with any surprises. Even if the pool was properly closed down for the winter the cold winter weather in Ohio can have an impact on the pool.

Let Splash Swimming Pools take the proper steps to open the pool and get your pool season started right. We can quickly evaluate the pool and offer repairs or recommendations.

Splash Swimming Pools offers swimming pool opening service in Butler and Warren counties and some surrounding areas.

Algae will start to grow once warmer weather arrives. We recommend opening the pool a little early rather than a little late to make for an easier pool opening. Algae may not bother some but for others it can take extra time and money to get the pool ready to swim.

Catch Repairs and Maintenance Early

While opening the pool we will look for anything that may need to be repaired. Catching problems early can help to get them resolved before anyone wants to swim.

We do include a several measures of preventative maintenance in an effort to give you a trouble free pool season.

If you know you need additional repairs at the time of the pool opening please let us know so we can schedule the extra time needed.

Start off your pool season by calling Splash Swimming Pools at (513) 464-0181

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