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Swimming Pool Closings

Fall into the season.

For those of us living in Ohio, it seems that another season has slipped by. Temperatures are dropping and unless your pool pump is running all night long, freeze damage will result. Pipes, heaters, filters, pumps - all made from strong materials, but all will crack from the expansion of ice within, unless proper precautions are taken. Splash Swimming Pools can close and winterize your inground pool. All pools are slightly different in their configuration, but with 23 years of experience, we can make sure that you are well protected from winter's worst. We recommend the following for most pools:

1. First, the water should be balanced. This includes balancing the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels.
2. Next, the pool should be cleaned thoroughly. The cleaner the pool is when you close it, the better it will look next spring. Any debris or algae left in the pool during closing will dilute the strength of our winterizing pool chemicals, as these chemicals work on organic matter left in the pool, there is less available for prevention of algae growth during the winter.
3. We like to drain the pool water to an acceptable level. For most pools this will be the minimum operating level.
4. Winter pool chemicals like algaecide, stain & scale chemicals, and shock can be added at this time. When we add these chemicals we like to run the pool and circulate the chemicals for a short period of time.
5. We also clean the pool filter thoroughly and remove drain plugs from pump(s), filter, heater, chlorinators. We inspect all the pipes and every piece of equipment, looking for any damage and removing any drain plugs. During this process we like to collect o-rings and gaskets to check for dry rotting. We lubricate the o-rings that are good to keep them that way. The bad o-rings can be replaced. We open all directional valves to allow water level to fall to the level of the water in the pool.
6. Then we blow the water out of the plumbing lines. This could be considered the most important step in the process. Blowing out the equipment and plumbing ensures that there is no water left that can cause freeze damage.
7. When possible, we add RV antifreeze to each skimmer and return line.
8. Finally, we cover the pool.

Some customers choose to prepare the pool and take care of balancing the water and cleaning the pool. Others customers want us to do everything. We are happy to help either way.

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From The Owner

I want to thank you for considering Splash Swimming Pools, Inc. If you are looking for a pool builder to install an in ground pool or a service company for pool repair service, I hope that you will choose us. You can count on us to use only the best construction techniques, name brand equipment sales and quality installations.

Thank you, Ray McCurley

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At Splash Swimming Pools we are committed to quality products and skilled workmanship to build custom pools for an affordable price. We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

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